All about my travels in 2019

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to look back at 2019. In the past year, I’ve done quite some travels. I explored new countries, and paid a visit to one of my favorite European cities. Curious to know everything about my travels in 2019? Then read on!

All about my travels in 2019

I started the year with a citytrip to Porto. At the end of January, my boyfriend and I decided to book the cheapest flight we could find. We ended up flying to the Portuguese city for just €25 each (hurray Ryanair!). Despite it raining for four days straight, we still enjoyed the city a lot. I would definitely like to go back in the Summer, to explore some more of this beautiful place!
Highlight of the trip: Porto tasting

Spend a day in Durbuy

In that same month, we also took a day trip to one of Belgium’s smallest towns: Durbuy. We wandered around the city center for a while and decided to follow one of the walking routes into the forest. Definitely a must-see if you’re anywhere near Belgium!

Spring + Summer

Travels in 2019

In April, I went on a girls trip with six of my best friends. We hopped on the plane and ended up in Stockholm, which now is one of my favorite European cities. Despite being crazy expensive (and super cold), I’d love to go back to explore the city even more!
Highlight of the trip: admiring all the colored houses alongside the river


Because my boyfriend and I would be graduating soon and would only have one long Summer break left before starting our jobs, we decided to go on a longer trip. We’ve never been on a road trip, although it has been on my bucket list for years. We decided to go for a “safe” route and spent two weeks driving around Slovenia and the Northern part of Croatia. It ended being one of my favorite trips ever! If you’re looking for your first road trip and love nature, I’d definitely recommend traveling in Slovenia and Croatia. You can find our two-week itinerary here.
Highlights of the trip: Soca river + Piran

The last part of 2019 was filled with A LOT of trips. I studied abroad for four months in Budapest, which ended up being one of the best periods of my life. Budapest was already my number one European city, and I now feel even more at home in the Hungarian capital! I also took trips to Ezstergom (the former Hungarian capital) and Lake Balaton.


During my exchange semester, I also took some trips abroad. One of the closest capitals to Budapest is Bratislava. You can easily spend a day or two wandering around this colorful city, but if you’re in a hurry, you can see the highlights in just one day!
Highlight of the trip: Slavìn (War memorial)

All about my travels in 2019

Right before I returned back home for the Fall break, I joined an ESN trip to Krakòw. We made a quick stop in Zakopane, and even visited Auschwitz during the trip. Since we travelled in a big group, I didn’t feel that I could explore the city as much as I normally would. I’d love to go back one day!
Highlight of the trip: city walk around the Old city centre

Travels in 2019

After returning back to Budapest, I still had one week left of Fall break. Together with my flatmate and some other Erasmus friends, we flew to Skopje. The North-Macedonian capital was unknown to all of us, but we soon fell in love after doing some research. Although you can see the city in just a few days, I’d definitely recommend going for four days. This way, you can also enjoy the nature at the Match Canyon!
Highlight of the trip: a boat trip on the Matka Lake


In December, my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate his birthday in Warsaw. We ended up spending five days in the Polish capital. This might seem like a lot, but since it was so cold, we took a lot of coffee breaks to warm ourselves! Because it was so close to Christmas, we could also enjoy all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Definitely a must-see in wintertime!
Highlight of the trip: eating loads of Pierogi!

This was all about my travels in 2019. Thanks to my semester abroad, I was able to explore a lot of places I wouldn’t have visited in the first place. Let’s hope 2020 will be as adventurous as the past year!

Love, Eva

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