Four views in New York City that you can’t miss

Would you like to admire New York in its full glory? Then you should visit on of its many viewpoints. From this points, you can see how big and beautiful the city is. I give you four views in New York City that you can’t miss!

Four views in New York

Four views in New York

Let’s start with my absolute favorite place in New York: Top of the Rock. A fast elevator will take you to the upper floors of the highest building of the Rockefeller Center. From here, you’ll have a beautiful view of Central Park and the Empire State Building. If you look very closely, you can even see the Statue of Liberty showing off in the distance! On the different floors, you have enough space to take some beautiful pictures. Since Central Park is not illuminated at night, I would definitely visit this lookout during the day!
Price: $41

Empire State Building

A visit to the Big Apple is of course not complete without the Empire State Building. From this second tallest building in the city, you’ll have a breathtaking view of Manhattan. If you have already visited the Top of The Rock during the day, you should definitely do Empire State in the evening. At night, the entire city is beautifully illuminated! Unlike Top of The Rock, there is less space to take pictures here. We went around 11 in the evening and luckily, it was pretty quiet!
Price: $36

Brooklyn Bridge
Four views in New York

Free views in New York

Don’t feel like spending so much money on a vantage point (although it really is more than worth your money!)? Then you should take a walk over Brooklyn Bridge (pictured above and in the first picture below). The view is especially beautiful at sunset, but it is also worth it during the day and at night. The bridge is quite long, so I would recommend that you rent a bike or, as we did, take the metro back.

Four views in New York
Staten Island ferry

Would you like to see Lady Liberty in person? Then hop on the Staten Island Ferry! This free boat trip will take you to Staten Island in half an hour. Along the way you sail around the Statue of Liberty and you have a beautiful view of Manhattan. Once arrived on Staten Island, just take the ferry back to Manhattan!

Four views in New York
Four views in New York

As you can see, the first two viewpoints are quite pricey. However, I would definitely recommend that you do one of the two (or better, both). They are really worth the more thirty dollars! We bought a C3 Pass in advance, with which you can do three activities for around 77 euros. This saves you some money!

Have you ever been to New York?

Love, Eva

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