The most instagrammable places in Barcelona, Spain

Although I mainly travel to discover new places, I do like to take pretty pictures to post on my Instagram. When visiting Barcelona last year, I tried to find a couple nice places to take photos. To save you some time and research, I listed some of my favorite spots in this article. Ready to discover the most instagrammable places in Barcelona? Then read on!

Although Barcelona has some really cool spots to take pictures, it can be tricky to get a good shot. The city is very popular, so sometimes you even have to wait in line to take a picture. On top of that, it can be very hot in the Summer months, so try to visit Barcelona in the low season!

The most instagrammable places in Barcelona

My first (and favorite) photo spot takes you to the city’s most famous square: the Plaça Reial. The square is lined with palm trees and colorful buildings, making it the perfect backdrop for a beautiful instagram picture!

The most instagrammable places in Barcelona

If you don’t mind climbing some stairs (and by that: I mean A LOT of stairs), then you should hike to the Bunkers del Carmel, on top of the Turó de la Rovira. From this point, you’ll have a breathtaking view on Barcelona. The colorful roofs will make a pretty Instagram-picture and are definitely worth the climb.

Barcelona’s most beautiful buildings

Sagrada Familia

You can’t leave Barcelona without visiting the Sagrada Familia. The cathedral is massive, so it can be quite hard to get a nice shot of it. For the best view, you should go to the park across the street. Here, you’ll easily get a picture of the entire building!

The most instagrammable places in Barcelona

If you’re looking for a beautiful building, you should definitely check out the Hospital de Sant Pau. We didn’t visit the hospital itself (which is stunning too), but the façade itself is more than worth the visit. If you’re into art-nouveau, you could buy a ticket and wander around the beautiful building, to take some pretty pictures!

Some beautiful parks

Park Guëll

One of Barcelona’s top attractions is, without a doubt, Park Guëll. You’ll see the colorful bench in a lot of pictures, and although you’ll most likely have to wait in line, it is definitely worth the wait. I would recommend going early in the morning or late in the afternoon, because most visitors will come in the early afternoon. The bench lays in a separate part of the park, for which you will have to pay. You’ll enter at a certain time slot, after which you can stay as long as you want. Because everyone will run up to the bench at the beginning of the time slot, I’d recommend waiting until the end of the slot to take a picture on it.

The most instagrammable places in Barcelona

My last tip will take you to the Parc de la Ciutadella, the biggest park in Barcelona. Here, you’ll find the city’s zoo, a lake and an enormous, beautiful fountain. In other words: it’s the perfect place to chill and to take some pretty pictures!

These are, according to me, the most instagrammable places in Barcelona. Do you have any other recommendations? Don’t hesitate to put them down in the comments!

Love, Eva

10 thoughts on “The most instagrammable places in Barcelona, Spain

  1. prachtige stad Barcelona! Ik vond ook die toeristische bussen zo heerlijk 🙂 ondanks dat ik daar normaal niet zo van houd maar met lekker weer is boven op zo’n bus best fijn!
    ook het strand met de mooie restaurantjes zo lekker!

    1. Ik heb dus nog nooit op zo’n bus gezeten, haha! Maar het lijkt me inderdaad superleuk (en lekker toeristisch) om eens te doen 🙂

  2. Wat erg… ik denk terug aan de mini-vakantie van mijn vriendin en ik ergens in 2006. Op de heenreis werd haar portemonnee gestolen (we wilden perse met het OV gaan) en dus werd alles op mijn creditcard gedaan. We ‘stumbled into’ een groep hele leuke Spanjaarden waarvan er eentje ging trouwen (nou, dat had hij zelf nog niet helemaal door, zo enthousiast was hij, hmmmm) en we hebben vervolgens alleen maar geshopt. Cultuur nul, nada, niks. Bizar en erg. Aan de andere kant hebben we – ondanks dat haar portemonnee gestolen was – een top mini-vakantie gehad.

  3. Wauw! Ziet er prachtig uit. Ik heb het met vrienden vaak over Barcelona, misschien toch maar een keer gaan!

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