Stockholm four day itinerary

Stockholm might be one of my favorite European cities. In the beginning of April, I visited the Swedish capital with five of my best friends. For four days, we wandered through the fourteen islands, which make up the city. Need help planning a trip to the beautiful city? Then read my Stockholm four day itinerary!

Stockholm four day itinerary

Stockholm four day itinerary

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After landing at Skavsta Airport around 2 pm, we jumped on the bus to the city center. This took around 80 minutes and gave us some time to rest. The bus stops at the T-Centralen station, which is the city’s central station. From here, it was a twenty-minutes walk to our lovely apartment. On our way, we also bought some fruit at Hötorget, a daily market. We did some shopping at the local supermarket, since we planned on having breakfast at our apartment to save some money. After we were settled, we explored our neighborhood Östermalm. We took a walk along Strandvägen and enjoyed the seaside views. We decided to eat at Djurgårdsbrons Sjöcafeet, which offered a stunning view on the water. Definitely try the Swedish meatballs our the burger!


These three islands are a must see when you’re visiting Stockholm. They lay next to each other, so can be easily visited in one day. We started our day with a walk through Riddarholmen, where you can find the Riddarhomskyrkan. At the Evert Taubes Terrass, you will have a magnificent view on the other islands. On the small island Helgeandsholmen, you’ll find the Riksdagshuset, where the parliament is housed.

Change of the guards

Gamla Stan, the old centre of Stockholm, is the most famous and touristic island of Stockholm. Many tourists try to find their ways through the small, colorful streets. Don’t forget to watch the changing of the guards by the Royal Palace. This will take about 40 minutes and you can find timings on this website. On the other side of the Palace, you’ll find a beautiful square and the Storkyrkan, the dome of Stockholm. We enjoyed some sweet treats at Under Kastanjen, a cute little place nearby the Royal Palace.

Under Kastanjen

Afterwards, we continued our tour in Gamla Stan. We shopped for some souvenirs and admired Stockholm’s smallest statue: Järnpojken. Around 4 PM, we took our second break of the day and sat down at Chokladkoppen, one of Stockholm’s most famous cafés. We also took a walk through Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, the city’s smallest street. We concluded our day with a meal at Klang Market.



Södermalm is the biggest island of Stockholm. Here, you’ll find a lot of cute shops and cafés. After taking a stroll through the shopping street, we visited Kataryna Kyrka, a beautiful yellow-colored church. In this area, you’ll have a stunning view on the city. You will find a mix of colored houses and cool graffiti.

Meatballs for the people

After our morning walk, we decided to eat real Swedish food: meatballs. We sat down at Meatballs for the People and enjoyed our meal. Although you could choose the classic dish (meatballs, mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickled cucumber), I preferred the special of the week: mac&cheese with meatballs. Their lunch menu differs weekly, so make sure to have a look at the specials of the week!

Stockholm four day itinerary

In the afternoon, we took the ferry boat to Djürgarden. On this island, you’ll find a variety of musea, such as the Abba museum, and even a theme park. The ferry departs in Slussen and takes about ten minutes, during which you’ll have a beautiful view on Djürgarden. We visited Stockholm’s most famous museum: the Vasamuseet. In this museum, you can admire the Vasaship, which sank in the 17th century and is now for 98% restored. You’ll also find some other stuff and can even follow a free tour.

Vasa Museet
Stockholm four day itinerary

We ended out third day with a quick visit to Vasastan. Here, you’ll find the Stadsbiblioteket library. Be sure to take a look at the impressive rotunda! Since we started to look for a restaurant quite late, most of them were already closed. Therefore, we decided to have a cheat day and ate at McDonalds.

Stadion Station


Originally, we wanted to visit the Abba Museum on our last day in Stockholm. Due to a lack of time, we decided to just wander around. We stored our luggage at the T-centralen Station, which costed us around €8. Afterwards, we bought a metroticket, which lasts for 75 minutes, and visited some metrostations. A big part of these stations are decorated, so they make up a free museum. My favorite ones were Stadion Station (the one with the rainbow) and Solna Centrum Station (the red station). After picking up our luggage and some lunch at the T-centralen Station, we took the bus to the airport and headed back home.

Solna Centrum Station

As you can see, Stockholm has a lot to offer. You could easily spend four days in the city, although I’d love to go back and stay a bit longer. If you’re planning a trip, be sure to remember this Stockholm four day itinerary!

Love, Eva

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