Planning our Slovenian roadtrip: part 1 (Why Slovenia + booking a flight)

In July, my boyfriend and I will hit the road and discover the beauty that Slovenia has to offer. Since this will be our first big trip, I thought it would be nice to keep you up to date with the planning of our Slovenian roadtrip. This way, you could be inspired yourself to visit this beautiful country!

Planning our Slovenian roadtrip

My boyfriend and I are always very indecisive when it comes down to our Summer vacation trip. We always spent weeks searching for the perfect destination. Most of the time, we end up booking a last minute citytrip. But since this will be our last long Summer break, we decided that we would go on a longer trip. There were a lot of options on our list, but many of them were either too expensive, or too hot in July. Eventually, we landed on Slovenia, which would be both quite cheap, and not too hot in the Summer.

In the past few months, I’d seen Slovenia passing by on Instagram and Pinterest quite a few times. Needless to say, it’s beautiful nature blew me away. Slovenia quickly became one of my top picks for our Summer trip! After stalking my boyfriend with a lot of pictures of Ljubljana and Lake Bled, he was convinced too. Slovenia it is!


Flying to Ljubljana

Our first plan was to fly to Venice, take a bus or train to Slovenia and hire a car in Slovenia. This would be considerably cheaper than hiring a car in Italy, and it would give us the opportunity to visit Venice again. However, after scanning the internet for awhile, it quickly became clear that spending a night in Venice would be expensive. On top of that, I don’t really like the style of the Venetian hotels and B&B’s. Traveling from Venice would take some time, and since we already went to Venice, we decided to drop this plan.

Instead, we decided to look for a flight to Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital. The only airline that made this possible at a reasonable price, is WizzAir. Although it was more expensive than flying into Venice, we would be able to save some money on public transport. We opted for the cheapest tickets and each booked 20 kg luggage, instead of the more expensive package that included luggage. The only thing that we didn’t do, was buying seats. Since it’s only a short flight from Charleroi to Ljubljana, we don’t really mind not sitting next to each other. On top of that, we bought the Wizz Air Club membership, which we easily got back from the discount on our flight and luggage. We each saved around €40 in total, while we only paid €30 once. This means we saved €50 in total!
Flights from Charleroi – Ljubljana: €120 each (including 20 kg luggage)


Booking our trip

Beforehand, we decided that we wanted to be away for 10-14 days. At the WizzAir site, we just searched for the cheapest flights, and since they don’t fly daily to Ljubljana, we ended up booking a 15-day trip. This means we’ll have 13 full days of vacation! Although we definitely want to have enough time to discover Slovenia at ease, we also plan on checking out the north of Croatia too.

And this was the first part of planning our Slovenian roadtrip. At the moment, we’re looking into hiring a car and booking some lovely Airbnb’s. In the second update, I will tell you all about that process!

Love, Eva

Source pictures: Unsplash

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