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In January 2019, my boyfriend and I spent four lovely days in Porto. Despite the rain, we enjoyed everything the city has to offer. Eager to book a trip to the Portuguese city? Let me tell you what to do in Porto!

What to do in Porto

What to do in Porto

Porto is crossed by the Douro river, making it the ideal place to take a stroll and enjoy the seaside views. There are a lot of colorful boats floating on the river, in which you even can take a trip. On the quay, you’ll find a lot of cozy restaurants with all kinds of different cuisines. When we visited Porto, it was unfortunately too cold and rainy to sit on a terrace, but it must be wonderful to sit here in the Summer!

What to do in Porto

Throughout the city, you’ll find a lot of churches and other building with blue-tiled walls, which are ideal for stunning Instagram pictures! You can also admire these beautiful tiles in the Sao Bento train station (pictured above).

Enjoy the stunning views

Although you’ll enjoy a stunning view from atop the famous Luis-I Bridge, I preferred the view from the cathedral. Up here, it was very quiet, so we took a moment to enjoy all the colorful roofs of the city. On the Luis-I Bridge itself, you’ll find a lot of viewpoints and interesting sceneries. It is definitely something that you have to cross off your bucket list!

What to do in Porto

Gimme all the food!

Let’s end with the best thing about traveling: food! Whenever you’re in Porto (or Portugal in general), you should try out some Pasteis de Nata. These warm pastries are truly delicious and a must-try. Luckily, you’ll find them at every street corner at a very low price. Next to this sweet treats, you should also try some tapas. We took a cheese and charcuterie plate at All In Porto and it was de-li-cious! Oh, and if you’re looking for a lovely breakfast or brunch spot: visit Zenith! Here, you can enjoy some delicious (healthy!) dishes.

One last thing you can’t forget to do in Porto: try some port wine. Alongside the Douro river, you’ll find numerous wine cellars and shops. Just pick one and enjoy a tour and tasting! We tried the Ramos Pinto shop and it was DE-LI-CIOUS.

As you can see, we really enjoyed the beautiful city. I would definitely recommend Porto for a small getaway!

Love, Eva


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