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Last Summer, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a road trip in Slovenia and (the North of) Croatia. We flew into Ljubljana, discovered the beautiful nature of Slovenia and the coastal region, and drove all the way to Zagreb. Curious to learn more about our two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia? Then read on!

Two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia

The start of our two-week itinerary in Slovenia and Croatia: Ljubljana: 3 days

Our two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia starts in Ljubljana. On day one, we flew from Brussels Charleroi to Ljubljana. Since we had a lot of delay, we only arrived in Ljubljana until very late in the evening. Nevertheless, we walked around in the city for a while, enjoying the beautiful evening, sipping on a cocktail!

Two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia

In the next two days, we explored the Slovenian capital. You could easily see all the highlights in just one day, but we opted to travel bit more slow an enjoy the city for a few days.

Bled: 2 days

Two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia

After exploring Ljubljana for a couple days, we got ourselves a rental car and drove to our next destination: Bled. We spent the afternoon at Lake Bled, which was simply stunning. We walked around the lake, which was a 6 km hike and took us around two hours (with some stops along the way!). Our day ended at Spika, with some delicious Mexican food.

The next day, we got up early to go to Vintgar Gorge (pictured above), one of the country’s most famous waterfalls, in order to avoid the crowds. We started our walk around 9.30, at which time it wasn’t too busy yet. Although being a bit touristy, this was definitely one of our trip’s highlights! In the late afternoon, we visited Lake Bohinj (pictured below) which, in my opinion, was even more stunning than Lake Bled.

Two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia

Bovec: 2 days

On day six, we drove to the other end of the Triglav National Park. Before getting to our accommodation, we made a stop at Kobarid. Here, we visited Slap Kozjak (pictured above), a beautiful waterfall inside a cave. We also had our first look at the Soca river, which was one of my favorite views of the trip. After wandering around for a bit, we continued our travels to tour next accommodation. In the evening, we hiked up to the Boka waterfall, which was a perfect ending to our day.

Two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia

The next day, we first visited Narnia Beach (pictured above), which was just a very short walk from our accommodation. In the afternoon, we went rafting! We booked the activity at the camping on which we were staying, which was nicely arranged. You can try a lot of other water sports on the Soca river, such as kayaking or canyoning, so I’d definitely recommend checking out some of them! Despite being exhausted after our eventful afternoon, we also visited Slap Virje. Although you can swim in this waterfall, we opted out of it, since the water was almost freezing! To end our time at Bovec, we also visited Tolmin Gorge (pictured below). Here, you’ll visit a few viewpoints, such as the Devil’s Bridge, which gives you a nice view on the river. Be aware that the track is quite long and exhausting, so be prepared!

Two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia

Predjama Castle + Postonja Caves: 1/2 day

On our way to our next destination, we made a stop at the Predjama Castle, which is hidden in a rock. We didn’t visit the castle itself, but you can join a tour if you’d like to know more about its history. We also visited the Postonja Caves in the late afternoon. You can only visit the caves by joining a tour, in which you take an underground train, followed by a brisk walk. Temperatures tend to drop a lot inside the cave, so don’t forget to bring warmer clothes with you! You could book a time slot beforehand online, but we just bought our tickets at the counter. There are a lot of caves in this region of Slovenia, but the Postonja Cave is the largest -and also, most touristic- one. Despite being quite touristic, I still think it’s worth the visit!

Piran: 2 days

Two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia

After visiting the cave, we made our way to the Slovenian coast. There aren’t many coastal towns in Slovenia, but I’d recommend not skipping this part of the country! We stayed at Izola, a small, but very cosy seaside town. We also visited Koper, which didn’t impress me much, since it was so small.

Piran, on the other hand, blew my mind away. I fell in love with its colorful houses, relaxing seaside and orange rooftops. You could easily spend a full day exploring the city (even more if you decide to swim in the sea), so do add it to your list! After wandering around the city’s centre for a bit, we made our way up to the city walls, which rewarded us with a stunning view over the city. You could also visit the St. George’s Parish Church, but I’m sure the view from the walls is equally as stunning. To enter the walls, you pay a small price (€2 or even less if you’re a student), so it’s definitely worth the visit! We ended our day with a delicious seafood dinner on the pier, where we could watch the sunset.

Pula: 2 days

Two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia

Then it was time to head to the Croatian coast, where it was considerably warmer than the Slovenian coast. Nevertheless, we still had an amazing time! We made a quick stop at Umag, which is the ideal place you’re looking for a quiet coastal village. Next, we headed to Rovinj, where we spent the afternoon strolling around the city.

On our second day on the Croatian coast, we explored Pula (pictured above and below). Throughout the city, you’ll find numerous remains of its Roman period, which reminded me a bit of Rome. We hiked up to the castle, where we enjoyed a nice view on the city. We also spent the next afternoon at Medulin Beach, which is a great option if you’re looking for a relaxing moment!

Two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia

Plitvice Lakes: 1 day

Although we had a busy schedule, we still managed to fit in a day trip to the Plitvice Lakes (pictured below). We bought our tickets in advance, but still had to wait in line for some time, even though we arrived there at 8am. The Lakes, with their clear blue water, are stunning, but the place itself is very touristy. I definitely preferred the quiet nature of Slovenia to this park, but I’m still glad that I visited it! If you’re not planning on visiting Slovenia, the Plitvice Lakes are definitely a great option if you want to include some nature in your trip.

Zagreb: 2 days

The last stop on our road trip was Zagreb, the Croatian capital. While I expected it to be a smaller town, Zagreb is in fact quite large and very much alive. If you only want the visit the city’s highlights, such as St. Mark’s Church and the Cathedral, one day will be enough. However, if you decide to spend some more time in the city, you can also explore all the nice shops, cafés and restaurants Zagreb has to offer. We also visited The Museum of Broken Relationships, which was a very nice break away from the heatwave that was going on at the time. Be aware that, although you’re in a European capital, a lot of places don’t accept cards, so don’t forget to withdraw some Kuna’s!

Two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia

After spending some time in Zagreb, we drove back to Ljubljana, where we dropped of our rental car and got our flight back home. I have to admit that our trip was very busy and exhausting, but I loved every bit of it. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by this two-week itinerary for Slovenia and Croatia!

Love, Eva


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