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Ljubljana was the starting point of our road trip through Slovenia and Croatia. We spent two full days exploring the beautiful city. Are you planning on visiting the Slovenian capital too? Then check out my guide on how to spend two days in Ljubljana!

How to spend two days in Ljubljana

First off all: Ljubljana is a rather small city. Although it is a European capital, one or two days will be enough time to explore everything the city has to offer. It is therefore the perfect city for a weekend break, stopover or as a part of a road trip. We like to take out time whenever we’re traveling, so we opted for two full days in the city. If you’re in a rush, you could also spend a day in the city, without having to miss much!

How to spend two days in Ljubljana: start by exploring the city centre

How to spend two days in Ljubljana

Although the city is rather small, Ljubljana has some highlights that you must visit. In the middle of the city, you’ll find the Ljubljana Castle (or Ljubljanski Grad, pictured above). You can hike up to the castle, but we opted to take the funicular for only €4 (return ticket). From here, you’ll enjoy a stunning view on the city. You can even buy a castle ticket, which allows you to learn more about the Castle and visit a few musea.

How to spend two days in Ljubljana

In the city itself, you’ll find a few famous landmarks. My favorite one was definitely the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation (Franciskanska cerkev, pictured above), a beautiful pink church. At the same square, you can also walk on the Triple Bridge (Tromostovje), which, as the name suggests, consists of three bridges. If you turn your back to the church, you’ll have a beautiful view on the Castle! In the centre, you’ll also find the St Nicholas Cathedral (Stolnica svetega Nikolaja, pictured above), a yellow building. Although we didn’t have time to admire the inside, this seems to be worth visiting too.

Near the Triple Bridge, you’ll also find another famous bridge: the Dragon Bridge (or Zmajski Most, pictured below). It represents the symbol of the city: four dragons that guard the entrance to Ljubljana. The bridge itself isn’t that spectacular, but it will give you a nice view over the river.

How to spend two days in Ljubljana

Food, shopping and drinks

Although Ljubljana is rather small, you’ll find numerous shops and eateries scattered around the city. In the centre of the city, just across the Triple Bridge, you’ll find a number of shops. It’s the perfect place for souvenir shopping! On the Central Market, which is open everyday except Sunday, you’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as some typical handmade Slovenian products. If you have some extra time, you could also take the bus or car to one of the larger shopping malls, just outside of the city.

Ljubljana is home to a lot of nice restaurants, with different cuisines. We’ve had a very nice breakfast at the city’s most famous café: Le Petit Café (pictured above). Definitely a must-do if you’re looking for delicious coffee and eggs! We’ve also opted for a more western dinner, by eating burgers at Pop’s Burgers. It can be a bit crowded here, but we were lucky enough to find a tale outside. If you want to enjoy a drink with a perfect view, I’d suggest walking alongside the Ljubljana river that crosses the city. You’ll find a lot of lovely places to sit along the river and enjoy a cold drink or ice cream!

Highlights outside of the city centre

How to spend two days in Ljubljana

I’ve mainly talked about everything the centre has to offer, but there are numerous other places that are worth visiting in the city. If you have some time left, than walk up to Metelkova (pictured above), the city’s art centre. Here, you’ll find a lot of interesting graffiti works and art installations. I wouldn’t advice visiting this place in the dark, but it’s definitely worth a visit in the daylight! If you want to relax, you could go to the Tivoli Park (pictured below). It’s just a small walk from the centre, and it’s the ideal place for a rest. On the park’s main road, the Jakopic Promenade, you’ll often find interesting photography exhibitions.

How to spend two days in Ljubljana

And that’s my guide on how to spend two days in Ljubljana! As you can see, Ljubljana has a lot to offer. Although there aren’t that many famous highlights, I fell in love with the city’s charming colored buildings, the beautiful Ljubljanica River and the numerous lovely restaurants and shops. Definitely worth a visit! Curious to see how we spent the rest of the trip? Then check out this article!

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