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Riga might not be Europe’s most popular travel destination (yet!), but it does offer some beautiful photography backgrounds. From colorful houses, to the most stunning views and cute streets: the city has it all. Planning a trip to this Baltic capital? Then read on to discover the most instagrammable places in Riga!

The most instagrammable places in Riga

The most instagrammable places in Riga

If you want to make some beautiful Instagram pictures, then you should definitely dive into the Old Town Centre. Wander around the small streets and enjoy all the colorful houses. The most photographed spot in the city is the 1221 Restorans (at Jauniela 16), with its beautiful blue facade. Definitely take a picture or two in front of this building!

The most instagrammable places in Riga

Riga is full of beautiful squares, that are worth a visit. At the Dome Square, you’ll find some imposing red buildings. Turn around and you’ll see some colorful houses and beautiful murals. On top of that, the square at the Blackheads House (the Town Hall Square) is also stunning and makes a beautiful picture background.

The best view on Riga

The most instagrammable places in Riga

Looking for a beautiful view on the city (and a place for some cool Instagram pictures)? Then you should head up to the St. Peter’s Church! For a couple euros, an elevator will take you straight to the top. From here, you’ll have a stunning view on all the colorful roofs of Riga. It might be a bit cold at the top, so dress accordingly. Bonus tip: buy a delicious pastry at one of the bakeries in the city centre to make this insta-worthy picture!

As you can see, Riga has a lot to offer. In the Winter, you can also admire some Christmas markets, which will definitely result in beautiful pictures. Since the city is not too touristy, you won’t have to struggle to avoid other tourists in your pictures! What do you think of these instagrammable places in Riga?

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