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Riga might be one of Europe’s most underrated cities, but I absolutely loved visiting it. The flights are relatively cheap, making the Baltic capital the perfect place for a weekend getaway. In this blogpost, I’ll show you how to spend a weekend in Riga, Latvia!

How to spend a weekend in Riga

You can find almost all of Riga’s interesting places in the center of the city, the Old Town. Take your time to wander around the city center and admire all the colorful buildings. You’ll find houses in almost every color, and pretty murals at every street corner. I visited Riga in November and at the time, it was very quiet and peaceful. This resulted in loads of pretty pictures, minus the many tourists that you would normally expect from a European capital. The center isn’t that big, making it very easy to travel by foot.

Free walking tour

How to spend a weekend in Riga

Still feeling a bit lost in the Old Town? Don’t hesitate to join a free walking tour! Most walking tours will start in the city enter and will lead you along Riga’s most famous attractions. A local guide will show you the city’s highlights and stories, as for example The Three Brothers (pictured above) and the Blackheads House (pictured below). As the name suggest, free walking tours are free, although a tip is expected. We joined the Old Riga Free Walking Tour, but there are loads of other free tours to choose from.

“You haven’t been to Riga, if you haven’t tried Black Balsam!”, said our guide. Black Balsam is a liquor-like drink that is produced in Riga. During our free walking tour, we had the opportunity to try the local drink. It burns in your throat, but provides a welcome warmth on a cold day. According to legend, the drink will protect you from all kinds of illnesses, and awakens the appetite. It’s definitely worth a try and makes a great souvenir!

View from above

How to spend a weekend in Riga

Looking for a pretty view from above? You’ll find the most stunning view on top of the St Peter’s Church! A ticket to the top costs €9 and gives you a breathtaking view. From the tower, you can see all the colorful roofs of the city. And don’t worry about getting tired: a lift will take you up and down! (Tip: it may be very cold at the top, especially in the Winter, so dress accordingly!).

Now you know how to spend a weekend in Riga! In the Latvian capital, you’ll also find loads of nice shops, restaurants and bars. In Wintertime, you can even enjoy the local Christmas markets. Enough to do for a wonderful weekend away!

Love, Eva


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