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Previously, I’ve told you everything about Skopje, the North Macedonian capital. Did you know that there’s a super cool park near Skopje? The Matka Canyon is only a 40 minutes-drive away from the capital, and it’s definitely worth a visit. In this blogpost, I’ll tell you how to spend a day at the Matka Canyon!

How to spend a day at the Matka Canyon
How to spend a day at the Matka Canyon

How to spend a day at the Matka Canyon

If you’re visiting Skopje for a long weekend, you should check out Matka Canyon. We opted to take a taxi from the city center, but you can also take bus 60 to get to the canyon, which will take around 40 minutes. From the parking lot, you can easily walk up to the entrance of the park. There are different activities to do in and around the canyon. If you’re in for a walk, then follow the hiking trail, which is approximately 6 km long. The trail will take you around the lake and reward you with some beautiful sceneries.

Got your walking shoes on and up for a climb? The take a short boat trip to the opposite side of the lake and climb up to the monastery, to enjoy the view. Be aware that this is a rather steep climb, so only do it if you’re really willing to put a lot of energy in it!

Water activities at the Matka Canyon

The Matka Canyon wouldn’t be complete without some water activities. Around the lake, there are a few docks where you can hop on a boat. There are different routes offered: if you’re in a hurry, you can enjoy a small tour from around half an hour. If you have more time on hand, I’d definitely recommend checking out the longer tours, which will even take you inside the cave. And if you’re into water sports, you can even rent a kayak and explore the lake on your own.

How to spend a day at the Matka Canyon

As you can see, there’s a lot to do in and around the canyon! It might seem like a summery destination, but I visited it in the Fall and was amazed by the beautiful colored trees. Definitely a must-visit all year round!

Love, Eva


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