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What to do in Skopje, North Macedonia

To be honest, visiting North Macedonia has never really been on my bucket list. It seemed life a faraway place and very different from the “regular” destinations, such as France or Italy. While studying abroad in Budapest, I got the chance to explore just a tiny part of the country: Skopje. And believe me as I say that this stunning capital should be on your bucket list! Curious to see what you can do in Skopje? Then read on!

How to spend a day in Durbuy, Belgium

Durbuy is a small place in the Belgian Ardennes and is often called “the smallest town in the world”. Although this isn’t entirely correct, the charming Belgian town is definitely worth a visit. With its medieval streets, beautiful nature and lovely restaurants, Durbuy has a little of something for everyone. In this blogpost, you’ll discover how to spend a day in Durbuy!